In the episode art for Kill/Switch 'The Switch and the Kill', we are shown a figure wrapped in carpet, about to be thrown in a lake.


-xXx- Kill/Switch

In the final recording of the Kill/Switch series, Sean is in for a number of surprises, including a reverse road trip, a potential windfall, new friends and old relationships.

In the episode art for Kill/Switch 'Eleven', using toy photography, a character goes through TSA security at an airport.

E11EVEN | #10

-xXx- Kill/Switch

Jenny and I are trying to fly out of a small town airport, but the menacing zombie-coworkers pop up again. What are Barry and Kevin up to, and why are they not up to it together?

In this pop-art collage of photos to support the Kill/Switch episode 'Millin Dollars', we see a photo of the Million Dollar Highway, along with toy photography of cars on the highway, and a toy figure pointing a gun at another toy figure.


-xXx- Kill/Switch

“Allen” (Sean?) and Jenny are in an eighteen wheeler with their new… (ahem) friend… Trucker Dan… on the #1 freakiest highway AllenSean had been on in the last forty years (he’s 38). Jenny shows her skill with breaking out of hand cuffs, and Dan shows his skill with adorable little handguns.

Teresa! Focus on Teresa!

In the episode art for Kill/Switch 'Suspicion', a car is shown exploding. The cars in the photo are toy cars, with toy trees in the background.


-xXx- Kill/Switch

“Allen” has just about had it with people using his real name. He’s just about had it with BossMan95, with being the focus of a manhunt and with trying to figure out if he can trust Jenny. To compensate, “Allen” does what many middle-aged men do: He bought a used Caddy and is blasting across America, trying to get home to save his sister.

In the episode art for Kill/Switch, Distinctive and Jenny are shown in bed together.


-xXx- Kill/Switch

How smart am I to be checking into a seedy, rundown motel on the edge of Dallas with a woman I barely knew and who had me seeing red flags everywhere? It doesn’t matter, I was doing it.

In this pop-art episode art for the Kill/Switch recording 'Up Shit Crick", a Greyhound bus and a man in a canoe both ride down a brown river.

Up Shit Cr*ck | #6

-xXx- Kill/Switch

I was up shit crick. I didn’t have a paddle. I didn’t even have a boat. I was trying to get the SD card I lifted to BossMan95, but I had a major roadblock: Jenny.

For the Kill/Switch recording 'Rio del Infierno', there is a collage of art showing masked figures on a Greyhound bus

Río del Infierno | #5

-xXx- Kill/Switch

I’m on a Greyhound bus, where there always seems to be at least one someone trying to overcome some sort of demon. Who was the One Someone on this bus?

In this Kill/Switch episode art, Distinctive is seen looking out the window while he illicitly uses someone's computer

Her Computer | #4

-xXx- Kill/Switch

“Allen” is still trying to track down the SD card with the COVID-19 research data, to get it to BossMan95, to save his sister. But the going is rough. Not only has he lost the six SD cards, he finds out one of them isn’t quite what he thinks it is.

In this episode art for the Kill/Switch recording Brr, Eat, Ohh, a hotel service technician surprises an undressed Distinctive

Brr Eat Ohh | #3

-xXx- Kill/Switch

“Allen” learns there is a manhunt closing in, but he has a line on recovering the SD card he stole, then lost. He needs to get it, and get gone. But, how many more people will he cross and creep out before it’s over? I mean, for real.

In episode art for Kill/Switch's recording called 'Jumper', a toy figure is shown leaping from a moving car

Jumper | #2

-xXx- Kill/Switch

Okay, so it’s not really going to plan, and it’s getting worse. Going off script, “Allen” improvs and well, he’s not that good at improv. He hoped to end his day back in Seattle, but after multiple pivots, he’s headed just a little way down the road.

Episode art for Kill/Switch's second recording, called Block Buster. A car runs from two pickups at night, near a forest

Block Buster | #1

-xXx- Kill/Switch

In Phase One of the Steal The SD Card Plan, “Allen” steals the SD card. And, plows down a massive security fence. In phase two, he has to deal with a road block and big pickups.

Episode art for Kill/Switch's series opening recording, called "Let's Tango." The image is toy photography of two six inch toy figures dancing the tango.

Let’s Tango | #0

-xXx- Kill/Switch

“Allen” is about to steal data that will save his sister Teresa’s life and make BossMan95 super-wealthy. But, he has to get away from the underground digital fortress and, in the process, make an enemy out of superfan Kevin.